Jambo Bag

Jambo Bag

Jambo Bag

Jumbo bags are flexible bags that are used for carrying goods with the weight of 500-2000 kilograms and volume of 3 square meters.
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Jumbo bags are suitable for carrying different kinds of solids and dry materials which are found in powdery, grainy or flaky forms. These bags are lifted and carried easily by using crane or lifttruck. Jumbo bags are the cheapest and most suitable types for packaging, currying and storing dry bulk goods which don't need any other packages or even pallets.
Every year, more than 500 billion tons of goods are carried round the world by using jumbo bags and these bags are used for carrying and keeping different kinds of chemicals, minerals, medicine and bulk goods.
Depending on the customer's request, we can produce jumbo bags by using laminated fabric or fabric without laminate, and also interior nylon layer or without it.
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